Adlizard Team


AdLizard boasts an enviable field of home town talent in development. Under the guidance of Development Team Leader Stuart Mcphail, AdLizard forges the path for others to follow in web-to print technology. Our development team consists of specialists in new web technology and industry standard publishing tools like Adobe InDesign Server.


Far from simply providing software, AdLizard provides a comprehensive production service delivering advanced web-to-print facilities to companies in all manner of publishing. Jake Tidmarsh and Chris Ramsay lead our production and support department with a team of experienced publishing professionals at their disposal. From image retouching to template creation, AdLizard's production arm is responsible for supporting customer driven web-to-print output in astounding quantities.


Whether you are interested in AdLizard's industry leading web-to-print publishing software, or one of the many AdLizard Online Services like our hosted ad building solutions, the AdLizard sales team can help you. Our sales force is comprised of career publishing people with a deep understanding of your needs. Contact us for more information.