Adlizard for Agencies

Advertising and marketing agencies can never be too fast or too efficient. Yet as they strive for improvements, these agencies continue to be hampered by manual, labor-intensive and error-prone processes for ad creation, approval and delivery.

AdLizard streamlines the process of ad creation, approval and delivery. Instead of creating and producing 100 ads for a worldwide client; your agency creates one ad using modular templates that can be modified to meet any number of publication specs and regional changes. Your client has the freedom to change the ad content in specified areas and receive a PDF Proof with every change. The entire process is done automatically through a simple web browser.

Self Hosted Solution vs Hosted Solution

This is the most common question agencies ask. The answer really depends on your requirements and project goals. They both have their benefits. If you want someone else to have the IT headaches or you want to test your market before you buy then a hosted solution is the best choice. If you are looking to reduce costs with a better ROI or integrate this technology to pre or post production systems then Self Hosted is the best option.

Self Hosted Benefits

Control – The biggest benefit to self hosted is control. Customer data and assets are a premium. Your sale team works hard to attract advertisers why allow any of their data or assets sit on a third party server?

Flexibility - Advertising Customers are demanding the ability to create any type of display ad from real estate to the local restaurant, insertions, seasonal advertising all from a single system. The key is system flexibility. How fast can the current system change and at what cost? AdLizard enables newspapers to meet the challenge of the changing market. Through simple and easy Administrative Tools your in-house IT personnel can make system changes or reinvent the entire workflow to capture additional revenue streams.

Customization - Customization is another key to system flexibility. Many systems offer limited customization; anything more requires custom programming by the system developer. AdLizard provides all the tools required to “Completely” customize AdLizard. This is done through our “SDK” or Software Developers Kit. Anyone familiar with C# or VB.Net can extend to power of AdLizard to meet their needs.

Automation & Integration - AdLizard provides a tool set to automate processes and integrate with pre and post production systems. This is done through our “SDK" or Software Developers Kit.

Template Creation – A self hosted solution allows your design team can create customer or market specific templates or custom ad packages. These can be treated as up sale opportunities and create additional revenue streams.

True ROI- Since 1997 AdLizard has proven it’s value to our customers. We provide a complete tool set that allows them to change to the needs of the market and experience a true return on their investment. At AdLizard we let customers speak for themselves.

Fairfax Newspaper Group - “Fairfax Media implemented AdLizard software in 2005 after running a successful pilot program in late 2004. Since then the AdLizard system has become one of the most successful systems introduced into Fairfax Media. AdLizard produces nearly 2000 ads per week across 120 publications.”

Adrover – “Within the first year of implementing AdLizard we saw a half million in additional revenue and at the same time were able to reduce our design staff by 8 people. Currently AdRover produces 46,000 column inches of advertising each week using AdLizard.

Hosted Benefits

Low Buy In – A hosted solution is a simple monthly hosting fee combined with a small per ad transaction fee. There is no hardware or IT costs associated with a hosted solution. With a hosted solution you have a branded site to the ASP provider. Your customer works from the providers’ template library and you receive a completed EPS or PDF for production.

Hosted Pitfalls

Production Costs – A hosted solution does provide production cost savings. But this can be a two edge sword. As your usage increases your fee will increase as well.

Flexibility – In a hosted solution you dance to the ASP provider’s music. You do not have the flexibility to make changes on the fly to capture additional opportunities.