About Adlizard

Who is AdLizard?

AdLizard was formed in 1999 as a software development company. Working principally in the field of publishing technology, today our services include both software development and production services to the print and web publishing industry. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to lead the worldwide trend for innovation in online advertising production services for publishers, ad networks, hosts and clients, through an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, quality standards, professional integrity and customer service. AdLizard is an ethical company driven by the following values:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Effective solutions
  • Customer Service
  • Value Product

AdLizard is a software system, which delivers an innovative new approach to the production of print and web display advertisements for newspapers and online publishers. The system allows end user advertisers without traditional graphic design or composition skills to prepare their own advertisements and submit them to the publisher (or printers and other suppliers) over the Internet. AdLizard was originally developed for high volume advertisers who use standard or modular advertising formats, such as real estate, recruitment and motor vehicles.