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Adrover is the first of our products offering self-service, template based artwork production.

Adrover allows users to quickly and easily create, edit and approve artwork for their newspaper advertising, brochures or signage in an environment that is user-friendly and intuitive. The back-end of the system allows administrators to easily create and edit templates to their clients' requirements, ensuring brand integrity and consistency.

Adrover handles not only standalone advertising, but also modular 'drag and drop' composite ads, making it even easier to handle composite adverts - for a single office or across an entire franchise network. Find out more


Advenda has been purpose-built for the real estate advertising sector.

In addition to the creation of artwork for advertising, Advenda provides all the tools necessary for agencies to manage their property campaigns from start to finish, as well as agent and office marketing.

Advenda allows agents to view their property listings and order all of their marketing needs for each listing, all the while being able to keep track of budgets, actual spend and media deadlines. In addition to their press media, users can order property marketing items such as signboards, brochures and window cards... even photography, letterbox drops and virtual tours. Once orders and artwork have been approved Advenda places the order with the nominated supplier and delivers the final print-ready material. Find out more

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To our valued clients:
Please note: A minimum of 24 hours turn around prior to paper deadline is required for all art requests submitted.
Any art requests submitted after this time will be completed for the following weeks deadline.
Thank you.
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